Top Features of Magnetic Mailer

With the best-in-class features in the market, MagneticMailer strives to provide you with a bulk emailing platform at a much more affordable price. You can use Amazon SES API, SendGrid API, Elastice Mail API, or your own SMTP credentials to send email campaigns with ease. Here are some of the top features of Magnetic Mailer.

Unlimited Contacts

You can add any number of contacts to your account without any kind of restrictions.

Template Builder

With the help of drag & drop email template builder, you can create new email templates in minutes.

Unlimited Campaigns

You can create any number of campaigns with various contact lists and templates.

Subscription Form

Create & Embed various kinds of subscription forms on your website for quick subscription.

Cloud Solution

There is no need to install any software or maintain any server. Simply log in and send campaigns.

Analytical Reports

Generate a complete report on mail delivery status like delivered, unsubscribed, etc.,

Mail Personalisation

You can personalize the email content using shortcodes like name, company name, etc.,

Simple Automation

The system will automatically remove unsubscribers & bounces from all future campaigns.

Bulk Import

You can bulk import all your existing contacts in minutes within a few clicks.

Contact Segregation

You can segregate all your contacts under various contact lists and use it for various campaigns.

ReturnPath address

You can define a different ReplyTo email address instead of the default sender's email address.

Quick Integration

You can integrate your AWS SES or SendGrid Email API account with MM in minutes

High Speed Sending

We don't restrict your mail-sending speed. Send emails at 10X speed now.

Multiple Contact Lists

You can send email campaigns to various contact lists by selecting them all at once.

Stop Campaign

You can stop or pause the campaign in the middle in case if you have made any mistake.

Save Draft

You can save the campaign as a draft if you don't wish to send the campaign right away.

Test Campaign

You can send a test email and verify your campaign template before sending the live campaign.

Filter & Delete

You can filter the unsubscribers list or bounce list in bulk and delete them in one click.

Unlimited Users

You can add any number of team members to your admin panel in order to collaborate & work.

Duplicate Removal

The system will automatically remove duplicate email ids while doing the bulk upload.

Add Individual Contact

You can also manually add a subscriber to a list if you have data from some other source.